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What’s it all about?

This plugin generates charts from GPX-files. The file will be processed in real-time, no intermediate data is written to the database or the wp-content directory. Currently the plugin is tested with GPX-Files generated by a Garmin-Device. The TRK-Section is parsed and information about your heartrate, your cadence and the current speed is calculated. Since GPX-files can contain a lot of data-points they can be reduced to a certain amount to guarantee, that the rendering time of the chart won’t consume to much time in your browser. You can hover with the mouse over the generated chart to get detailed information about the currently selected time-instance. You can also turn off graphs that where currently shown. Every graph get its own Y-axis and color.

This documentation needs to be improved. Please be patient.


All attributes to the shortcode must be in the same line as the short-code itself. In the examples I put it into multiple lines to make reading easier.

A very simple example using only the default settings

[ gpx2chart href="" /]

[gpx2chart href=”” /]

Modify the Titles

[ gpx2chart href=""
         subtitle="Subtitle"  /]

[gpx2chart href=”” headline=”Headline” title=”Title” subtitle=”Subtitle” /]

Modify the type and size

[ gpx2chart href=""
         chart.height="400px"  /]

[gpx2chart href=”” type=”cycling” container.width=”760px” chart.width=”740px” chart.height=”400px” /]

What else?

If you like this plugin and you use it I appreciate if you would send me an email so I know you use the plugin. Please let me know about extensions you might want to have, or send me bug-reports or even better fixes 😉
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