Feb 272012

Already quite a while ago I found a nifty program called ToDoList that isĀ  developed by AbstractSpoon.

I wrote some PHP-scripts now, tha are capable of loading the .tdl file (which is XML) and the time-tracking CSV file and build some overview grouped by month and days.

As usual you can find the files on my GitHub Space. It’s called ToDo-Analyser and is currently more a proof of concept than a real program. Anyway it is useful enough so I can use it for my monthy SAP-Cats report. During the month I just do the time-tracking and at the end I get a table grouped by my project-numbers (that I store in the External-ID of each task).

Due to inheritance for sub-tasks I don’t have to type the project-numbers too often. Only if I open a new project.

This project is to be extended, whenever I find some time (like it is with all the other projects)