Aug 142011

As already annonunced in one of my previous articles I wrote a small and useful gadget for customer-helpdesks or system-administrators that often need to assist clients via remote-assistance or remote-desktop connection.

The tool also provides small helpers like “ping” or “traceroute”. I’ve also added support for putty. I’am not sure about the legal aspects when redistributing programs like WinMTR or Putty but both are open source and at least I found in their copyright notice something that seems to allow the redistribution.

Feel free to send me bugs you find, or to provide ideas for improvements. I will provide updates from time to time on this page (depending on how much time I have and how motivated I am).


as usual all sources can be found in my new github project Win7HelpdeskGadget. This source does contain all source files including a small build script to get a valid .Gadget file that can be included in the Win7 sidebar.

Anyway these sources do not contain external software like Putty or WinMTR. you have to add them to the tools-directory yourself.

This package might work with Windows-Vista as well, but most likely it is not compliant to all sidebar rules that have to be met. So it might look a little bit strange.

The fully “compiled” gadget can be downloaded from my website by clicking on the following download-link:


to be written (hopefully also added within the next days)