Jun 252011

I’ve now created a new github project (as usual) that contains my latest template for Windows 7 gadgets.

It’s much more advanced than my original design in the previous article, but it has features like “autodetection” if settings.html is present and / or a flyout is present.

Further it adds some kind of “Event-Handling” to the normal gadget functions available by MS. It also supports the scaling-feature for gadgets after I’ve worked out, the original problem that I had.


I will add some more documentation for this soon.

Anyway, this gadget may not work on your installation if you have different language-settings than “German”. Seems like I’ve got to change the configuration of the gadget a little bit more so it works for all languages.

This can be done by relocating / cloning the gadget.xml file to the main directory I suppose. But maybe also all other files need to be relocated then.