Mai 132011

Currently I’m working on my own GPX-Plugin for WordPress. I found all existing ones did not satisfy my demands. The current state of work is available on Github (as usual).
It’s also available in the latested tagged version on the WordPress plugin page for gpx2chart.

The Plugin was using a pretty nice Javascript-graphing engine called Highcharts, that has really some nice features like multiple Y-Axis. It’s a lot easier to use and customize than the google-charts api (at least in my opinion). I will add some samples here, as soon as I uploaded the plugin to my production server.
Due to restrictions I’m currently working on a replacement for this API. I found a pretty good alternative called Flot. It seems that the rendering is a little bit faster (I think this is because of using Canvas instead of SVG). On the other side it was missing some features like labled axis (which I added by myself). Also the Tooltip function is currently not working.

So again, this is only a “draft” yet, but it works fine for my testing-enviroment and hopefully it will be more complete in future.

Syntax is something like this[ gpx2chart href=”http://sonne/heartrate.gpx” display=”elevation speed heartrate cadence” title_heartrate=”Herzfrequenz” title_elevation=”Höhe” /]

Here’s a current example (already using the FLOT-engine instead of Highcharts). The tooltip is now working:
[gpx2chart href=””  title_heartrate=”Herzfrequenz” title_elevation=”Höhe” /]

And once again with highchart

[gpx2chart href=””  title_heartrate=”Herzfrequenz” title_elevation=”Höhe”  render=”highchart”/]