Sep 282008

I’ve written a small extension to LastFM-Proxy v1.3b written by Vidar Madsen. This extensions enables the proxy to directly store the received data from on the harddisc.

I know there are already some tools out there. But they lag of some features I’d like to have. e.g. automatically adding ID3 tags or running on console without X 🙂

You can get my patched version here. Feel free to add improvements and send me the updates or comments.

Hans Soonieus provided me a patch for my patch that should fix the following issues. Just replace the files and with the version you can find in the patch from Hans.

This is the already patched version. Hans code really looks better than mine ; -)

Known Problems

  1. Incomplete songs are saved when changing station
    Status : Fixed
    How : Added self.deletemp3byskip = 1 in two places to
  2. can’t handle missing Album Art
    Status : Fixed
    How : Added try: and except: to downloadcover
  3. can’t handle mp3storepath on different file-system from /tmp
    Status : Fixed
    How : changed os.rename to shutil.move
  4. can’t handle “/” in title of song
    Status : Fixed
    How : Added new function chgchar which handles all character substitutions
  5. Temporary files are not deleted in some situations
    Status : Still under investigation
  6. Extra : Added error handling to other parts of

from 0.9b to 09c

  1. Improved error handling in
    Temporary files are now deleted in case they can’t be moved to mp3storepath.
  2. Improved character substitution by chgchar
    Only alpha-numeric characters and – and . are now allowed in path and filenames all other character are converted to _chgchar is also simplified
  3. mp3metaext and mp3mp3ext are not used by
    Status : Fixed
    How : Variables are now passed to by